Hors d'oeuvres Reception

A sophisticated cocktail party atmosphere, with your choice of five hors d'oeuvres passed butler style, as guests are mingling and dancing in our garden ballroom.

Traditional Dinner Reception

A very elegant and traditional option for dinner, with all guests seated at tables and dining al fresco in our romantic evening gardens. Dinner may be served on fine china in courses, or a dinner buffet may be chosen at a reduced price.

Fantasy Dinner Reception

Our Traditional Dinner Reception, filled with our fantasy of flourishes, such as couture linens, champagne on arrival, and more...

Intimate Indoor Receptions

We embrace the romance and intimacy of smaller weddings! We offer additional options for smaller groups from 30 to 50 guests, inside the house. Contact us for guest counts under 50.

Each of our reception styles is a different price

Here are our price ranges:

For 50 guests, $10,500 - $14,525
For 75 guests, $11,475 - $16,125
For 100 guests, $12,200 - $17,400
Each additional guest from $39-$53 per person

Our comfortable maximum is 150 guests

We're happy to provide more pricing info, please call or send us an email